Filter Strainer

Filter Strainer

Filter Strainer Detailed Introduction

SINFT Filters supply filter discs, filter hats, filter strainers, witches hats, cone strainers in almost any size and specification. These filters are commonly used in a number of industry fields especially for high-velocity fluid flow applications with various materials.

Material:?Stainless steel woven wire mesh; copper wire mesh, plastic coated wire mesh, stainless steel sintered wire mesh; black wire mesh; galvanized square wire mesh, expanded mesh, perforated mesh and other metal meshes

Shape: Square, rectangular, rounded; oval’ annular; hat shape, etc. In addition, this product can be single-layered, double-layered or multi-layered.

Micron rating: 12 to 1,000 microns.

This is a highly adaptable product if you can't decide the options you need please contact us.

SINFT witches hats enjoy a good performance and effective filtration ratings due to our well established design and fine grades materials.

These filters are very popular for various kinds of fluid filtration applications. All of these elements can be manufactured as customer requirements.

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