Replacements Star Pleated Filter For Boll & Kirch

Replacements Star Pleated Filter For Boll & Kirch

Replacements Star Pleated Filter For Boll & Kirch Detailed Introduction

 Star pleated filters are good choice elements for automatic filters, which are made from fine quality stainless steel wire mesh, which make the star pleated elements a large surface.

SINFT is an experienced manufacturer of wire mesh filters, filter discs and converted elements of wire cloths.  We are engaged in  Basket and Ring Sieves Filter, Hydraulic Elements, Filter candles, and replacements of brands, including Boll & Kirch, Pall, Hydac, Descase, etc. Development and design, own tool construction, manufacture and distribution – all coming from the same source. We manufacture according to customer’s specification in almost unlimited variety, from unique element to large-scale production. 

Our star pleated filters are high quality and follow international standards, enjoying a small pressure loss resistance, high strength, backwashing, resuable cleaning and other characteristics. SINFT star pleated filter can be used in lubricating oils, heavy fuels, water treatment, chemicals, cooling lubricants,etc.

We provide not only star pleated elements, but also basket ring elements, in accorandance with the original standard, but competitive price. More information about star pleated elements, please feel free to contact us.


Filter Type: Star Pleated Filter Element

Length: 95 mm … 390 mm , according to housing, respectively adapted for every single, double and automatic filter

Diameter: 65 mm … 85 mm

Filter media:High Quality Stainless Steel

Micron rating: 10 µm … 200 μm;alternative micron ratings on request

End cap:Stainless Steel


Application:For lubricating oils, heavy fuels, water, chemicals and cooling lubricants



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