Notch Wire Element

Notch Wire Element

Notch Wire Element Detailed Introduction

Notch Wire Element

SINFT notch wire element is wrapping specially treated thin stainless steel wire around the cylindrical filter frame, which formed gaps between stainless steel wires. This tightly coiled stainless steel wire enjoys a higher filtration than general wire mesh. Though with a simple structure and robust form, notch wire elements enjoy longer service life by back washing or air blowing, impurities adhered to the element can easily be removed.

Notch element

Applications of Notch Wire Element

With this good characteristic,many of notch elements are used for sanitary food industry, especially in high viscosity, high temperature and high pressure fluid filtration.Stainless Steel Notch Wire Element can make it possible to secure a large passing area due to a single layer structure.

Specifications of Notch Wire Element

Material: Tightly Coiled Stainless Steel Wire Mesh

Size: Customized or Standard

Quantity: As customers’ requirements

Sample: Available

Advantages: Easy cleaning; Back washing; Accurate Filtration Efficiency; Anti-high temperature and high pressure,etc.


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