Replacements Multi-mantle Filter Element

Replacements Multi-mantle Filter Element

Replacements Multi-mantle Filter Element Detailed Introduction


The multi-mantle filter elements consist of several cylindrical filter mantles, which can be from one filter to six filters of one set compatible with original mantle elements.

We choose high quality woven mesh for all the filter elements in various sizes and different filtration grades, to provide better filtration efficiency than that of other elements in the market.


Types: Simplex filter types, Duplex filter types, multi-mantle elements

1. High quality stainless steel wire mesh materials can ensure the filter elements larger filtration surface area and provide larger intervals before cleaning. Also, these filters can be back flushing.

2.This kind of filters are made from high quality stainless steel mesh with diameters from 86mm to 420mm. Different micron ratings are available for you.

3.The filter elements are characterized by an especially high resistance to differential pressure.

Multi-mantle filter elements are usually used in many applications for filtering fuels and lubricants and waters, especially in marine applications, processing industry for purifying water, oils, coolants, hydraulic oils and chemicals. Candle filters are also best choice for these applications.

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