HC9600FKP8H Replacement

HC9600FKP8H Replacement

HC9600FKP8H Replacement Detailed Introduction


HC9600FKP8H Replacement For Pall Detailed Introduction


HC9600FKP8H Replacement

We supply replacements for brands with good quality and good prices. Materials can be pleated paper, stainless steel wire mesh, which could be used for oil industry, gas oil industry, power generation industry, chemical industry, etc. 

Speicifications For HC9600FKP8H

Material: Microglass

O-Ring: Buna

Outer Diameter: 79MM

Inner Diameter: 43MM

Length: 209MM

Filtration Rating: 3 μm



1. High quality materials to ensure the quality of the filters

2. Filters can be customized

3. Samples are available 


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