How to clean airless sprayer filter

How to clean airless sprayer filter

The spray gun should be cleaned immediately after each use. It is very difficult to remove because newer waterborne paints and clear coats dry very quickly. 

It is particularly important to clean the air cap and fluid nozzle. Partially clogged holes affect the spray pattern and spray gun performance. So how to clean airless sprayer filter?

Turn power OFF,pressure to lowest setting.

Trigger spray gun to relieve pressure.

Turn prime valve down (to open position).

Remove filter assembly and assemble airless spray gun without filter.

Remove guard and SwitchTip.

Clean filter, guard and SwitchTip in flushing fluid (water, paint thinner etc.).

Remove siphon tube set from paint and place in flushing fluid. Use water for water base paint and mineral spirits for oil base paint.

If sprayer has a filter, unscrew bowl, remove filter assembly. Assemble bowl without filter. Clean filter.

Turn power ON and prime valve horizontal (to closed position).

Hold spray gun against paint pail. Take trigger safety OFF. Trigger gun and increase pressure until flushing fluid appears.

Move airless gun to flushing pail. Hold spray gun against pail and trigger gun to thoroughly flush system (until flushing fluid runs clear). Release trigger and engage trigger safety.

Turn prime valve down (open position) and allow flushing fluid to circulate for 1 to 2 minutes to clean drain tube.

Raise siphon tube above flushing fluid and run sprayer for 15 to 30 seconds to drain fluid. Turn power OFF.

Install filter bowl and filter assembly. Hand tighten filter bowl. Install filter assembly into spray gun. Hand tighten gun handle.

Wipe sprayer, hose and spray gun with a rag soaked in water or mineral spirits.

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