Why SINFT Stainless Steel Filter Element are very popular?

Why SINFT Stainless Steel Filter Element are very popular?

SINFT FILTER provides various stainless steel filters, which materials consist of stainless steel wire mesh in various mesh patterns, and stainless steel sintered wire mesh, etc.

Structure of Stainless Steel Filter Element:

Stainless steel filter elements are made up of several layers of 316, 316L, etc. The middle mesh is of very fine gauge and determines the filtration efficiency of the elements. Generally speaking, there will be a support tube inner the middle layer to give support and protection for the element. The outer layer is not only protecting the middle layer, but also a preliminary filtration.

SINFT STAINLESS STEEL FILTER are good choice for hostile or severe environments and applications. So, cleanability becomes very important for stainless steel filters. All of our wire cloth stainless steel filter elements are easily cleaned by back flushing, ultrasonic or other non-abrasive cleaning techniques, which can reduce the cost for replace.